Sunday, July 17, 2011

Re: [Kundalini Yoga] Hi Keith


Hi Keith my fellow UKayA!

I come from the London/Bucks borders,just a residential town that could have a bit more going on!

Well if my post gave you some inspiration then I hope it does get you back into doing KY. In which way were you doing it 9 months back? did you do the on line classes,or DVD's or a weekly class?

I have kind of just got into it and I have a LOT to learn! I got the TV-PC up and connected so I can now view Guru Rattana's on line classes. It took me flippin hours to work out where the actual exercise classes were to click on;all I kept coming across were the lessons and I thought "Is this IT", but then I scolled down on my tiny little net book, which I blame for this mishap!, and found the Kriyas underneath. So I shall be starting from Lesson 1 today and all that goes with it.

So when you say that KY got you through a bad patch, did you engage in daily practice or do anything that worked along side it,like meditation? And again how were you doing KY?

Look forward to hearing from you! Caroline :)

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Hi Caroline,
I'm in the UK too. Nottingham.
You post is inspiring me to get back to regular K yoga practice.
I used K yoga to get me through a bad patch in life and have stopped doing it in the last 9 months as things got better.

It's quite smehting isn't it!


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