Monday, July 18, 2011

[Kundalini Yoga] Re: Hi Keith


--- In, Caroline West
> I come from the London/Bucks borders,just a
> residential town that could have a bit more going on!

Hey it has now ! If they knew what you were up to....

> Well if my post gave you some inspiration then I hope it
> does get you back into doing KY.

It's time I need as much as anything!

> In which way were you doing it 9 months back?

I was doing regular daily work. 40 day kriyas - or longer if it was working magic.

> did you do the on line classes,or DVD's or a weekly class?

I started doing weekly classes then did the Level 1 teacher training which was fabulous.

> I have kind of just got into it and I have a LOT to learn!
I accept there is more to learn than I possibly can learn. But I got enough to do me a lot of good.

> So when you say that KY got you through a bad patch,
> did you engage in daily practice...

I shared house with a K yoga teacher and we did 2 1/2 hours morning sadhana for 5 months. That did so much for me.
Before and after that for 3 years or so I did 40 day kriyas constantly.

> .. or do anything that worked along side it,like meditation?

I often visited buddhist especially zen groups. But really that was for social reasons as much as anything. But to do your daily kriya before an hours sitting was great for me.

> And again how were you doing KY?
If you are rich you can go round visiting groups and doing lots of classes.
If you are poor like I was (still am?) the written kriyas are gold. Do what they say working hard and you will learn and change so much. To me just the written kriyas Yogi Bhajan left are some of mankinds most amazing knowledge. You learn only by doing them.

I did western 'somatics' the Alexander Technique for a few years which I found amazing but the K yoga kriyas (then the meditations) are the real deal!

I was desperate rather than disciplined. Any reason to do it every day is a good reason!

I teach a few peopel off and on and that is another joy on top!


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