Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Re: [Kundalini Yoga] Too much fire


Sat nam
it's been a while i can see since youposted this question... I'm doing the same meditation and it is quite difficult. THe part with counting the 20 seconds seems to be hard 'cause i need to count so i think i get concentrate to it more than anything else and it's as i wasn't meditationg. Did you have the same experience ?
Anybody else would like to share on this ?
THank you

sat sangat k
--- In Kundaliniyoga@yahoogroups.com, Keith Bacon <biftonb@...> wrote:
> > I am on my 37-th days with Meditation to Break the mask for 31 minutes, and Kriya for relieving inner anger.
> > I am steady at the surface, but feel very fiery in my belly and solar plexus. A deep anger fires me, and it feels
> > uncomfortable. I am not sure if I may be doing something wrong. Please advise if you feel you can.
> Hi Prem Siri
> I am on day 44 of it. It's quite amazing. I went through a period where I got really hot. It is quite powerful thats why I am carrying on past day 40. I didn't get anger (yet?). The last week I have been very happy and I am sure the meditation has something toi do with that - but other things in life are going well too so it's hard to tell.
> I am sure the anger is being released from inside you and you will be rewarded with increased happiness afterwards. Whenever I go thru a bad patch with yoga I remind myself I pay this price once only and get the benefits of it for the rest of my life.
> Sometimes I find myself thinking thinking about my family and I think that must be related to do with the emotions coming up in yoga. Often it's not clear what the relationship is. So its just like 'Oh that anger probably has something to do with my family'. It doesnt matter - the main thing it is leaving me.
> Good luck,
> Keith.

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