Tuesday, November 22, 2011

RE: [Kundalini Yoga] Midwest 11/11/11, Celebration/Meditation/Gong-nation!


Sat Nam, Absolutely Kundalini Yoga in St. Louis. You can find both of these teachers on Facebook or – email Sat Inder S. Khalsa astangi70@yahoo.com or Amrita Kaur phoenix.flc@gmail.com They teach at a variety of studios in St. Louis. And Sat Inder teaches at the park by the arc when the farmers' market is happening.

Arjinder Kaur

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Do you have any Kundalini Yoga in St Louis MO?

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Subject: [Kundalini Yoga] Midwest 11/11/11, Celebration/Meditation/Gong-nation!

Kansas City's 3HO Kundalini Yoga Center will be hosting an 11/11/11 event, Friday night (11/11/11, if you don't know by now!)

We'll begin with our regular high energy yoga class with Sach Dharam Kaur at 5:30 PM. We'll follow with the meditation to break the hypnotic trance of the Piscean Age (Good night! Good Luck!! and Good Riddance!!!) and then enjoy the 1,000 day Meditation with Yogi Bhajan. We'll conclude the evening's festivities with a triple gong relaxation/meditation/bath/extra-body meditation.

There will, of course be some discussion of the transition, elevation but mostly elucidation rather than bloviation. Come one, come all.

Donation requested.

Karta Purkh S & Sat Inder K

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