Monday, November 14, 2011

[Kundalini Yoga] Ways to clean the body


Ways to clean the bodyFirstGallbladderOn the first day1 - one hour from
noon to start drinking fluids and apple juice (fresh or canned), but
provided that it is natural.2 - 8 pm at night, take a drink of English
salt (I cried a cube or small) with water or apple juice.3 - Wait until
the tenth of the same tonight.Again drink salt with English apple
juiceTwelve of the same night
Drink 1 \ 2 cup olive oil, tea with 1 \ 2 cup lemon juice (in a manner
aspiration) over 45 minutes (review or libel contained in this case).
5 - sleep until the morning on the right side with a warm water bottle
under the left pane of the abdomen.
The next morning1 - a new drink is taken with the Cup, English salt
juice on an empty stomach.
Note out stools with green stones (may be in the hundreds), the color
varies from person to person.
Clean the colon

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