Thursday, November 3, 2011

[Kundalini Yoga] Shakti.


Sat Nam!

If the group owner does not mind---
Here is something I wrote after a deep meditation.

Thank you for reading :-)

Ong Namo, Guru Dev Namo.

Tickling my tail bone, hissing mystical stories of serpentine kisses and ambrosial baths in the benevolent astral sun, she made a muse of my amused limbs. She conjured colorful visions of virtual realms and enslaved my sorrowful eyes to a servitude of beholding her forevermore. She, the grinning riddle that toys with our minds from behind the curtain of matter, is softly singing her sweet nothings into my heart.

I came upon her in a garden, buried with the roots of my former selves, above her the stems of love and laughter--- the fruits she has fashioned from a well of my fallen tears. I called her name out just as you do when you awaken your beloved at dawn. Patiently I purred into her ear "Wake, darling, wake, my love. Stir with me: The dawn in my heart is ablaze, your yawns are songs to welcome the day in my soul, it is not well without you." as I brushed back a lock of her hair and welcomed the sun onto the face of angels--- to dance and snuggle on her cheek with heavenly warmth and joy.

Yawning mantras and stretching into ancient postures, we found the day with the breath of life itself, softening our hearts like wax before the sun, soaking in the luminous love of natures inexhaustible heart--- breathing in rhythm to that thump'= thump' -thump'- of the divine.

Oh Beloved--- How sweet the feminine lips and hips of the flower in my soul.

Sat Nam,

-Harkirat Singh.

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