Wednesday, November 16, 2011

[Kundalini Yoga] Messages from the Infinite - Remember God


Sat Nam, an offering....... :o)


Remember God

Life has two purposes: to remember God and to remember that you are God.
And all that is around you is God's creation. We are graced to be living
with the glory of God surrounding us at every moment. When we securely
know that the energy of the divine flows within each of us, we then feel
a safety, a sense of peace, a sense of knowingness, that all will be
taken care of at each moment.

The infinite God is so vast. God creates everything around us and within
us, but somehow we lose sight. We think that we are just this small
being instead of seeing our own inner vastness in union with God's
vastness. Together we create this infinite light, here to shine and
awaken each other on this earth. We forget, we shrink, we cower, we go
into fear, we shake. The pain becomes so deep that everything around us
looks gloomy. This is a lie. Pure light that we are, every cell of our
being has the ability to shine as the sun, as brightly as possible, to
light the way anytime throughout the cycle of the earth. But we forget
and shadow ourselves with this fear. We forget and crawl back inside
these body forms, attaching to anything resembling pain or fear.

We are so incredibly gifted in this lifetime. We can take the time to
remember our grace of light, merge God's infinity within our own being.
We then work in partnership to bring the light to all those who have
forgotten their true essence. Shine this light, shine this light, shine
this light of the infinite that is merged within, to the larger light of

We are one. Embrace it. Live it. Be it. Breathe it. Remember, with every
breath we have been graced to live in unity with God, seeing God in all
and everything.
By: Messages from the Infinite

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