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RE: [Kundalini Yoga] advice for "seniors"


Sat Nam,

I'm 60 and have been practicing Kundalini Yoga for 15 years off & on, but ON for the past 5 years or so. Hatha Yoga also for 20 years, and I teach both styles of Yoga & Pilates. Yoga will help you keep your bones strong, your joints moveable, and your mind calm. Healthy eating habits are also very important – green…green…green. We have many wonderful years to look forward to – and they will be wonderful if we "keep up" with our Yoga and sprout much of our food.

Arjinder Kaur.

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Your email ripped my heart out... I really know how you feel... Really! These are difficult times and being over 55 brings on new challenges for sure. (I just celebrated my 58th birthday myself... on 11-11-11...) Remember that you are not alone. We are all fighting depression, to some degree or another. Sometimes because of our own circumstances, sometimes because of the shifting energies, sometimes because we feel stuck, helpless, hopeless. I experienced a particularly rough time in my life a few years ago, and kundalini yoga helped me through it. The same circumstances that brought it on are still in my life, but I'm able to deal with it much better now.

All the advice that has come your way through this list is great advice! May I say that the Guru Rattana Online classes are WONDERFUL! and so inexpensive. But if for any reason, that is not an option for you, there is also a lovely (free) introduction to kundalini yoga at the website below (also by Guru Rattana):

I highly recommend going directly to Chapter 17, which is a discussion on Depression. It helped me SO much, and I refer back to these words again and again, when I'm feeling blue. The link to Chapter 17 is here http://www.kundaliniyoga.org/kyt17.html
If I may quote Guru Rattana...
"Depression is a call from the soul to learn how to deal with the emotion of sadness. At the very core of sadness is the message that we are disconnected from our own soul. We have closed off our hearts to ourselves. To deal with sadness we must go within. Sadness is a very personal emotion. We think that events outside ourselves make us sad. But in reality, no one can make us sad but ourselves."

Stay in touch!

Peace and blessings,
Charan Kaur

"Noone else can limit you. If you want to limit yourself you can.Otherwise the entire resources of the Universe are yours to use." ~Yogi Bhajan

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I am 57 and feel life has just passed my by. I am struggling financially. physically, and emotionally. I try not to be depressed but it seems so hard. I just need some advice, Thanks.

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