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RE: [Kundalini Yoga] I got hurt by a non-Kundalini yoga teacher


Sat Nam, Kartar Kar,

One of the MAIN reasons I do NOT adjust poses, or if I do it is just asking
a student to move their leg (or whatever ) toward my hand - no teacher
should ever push you into any pose, or force your body into an alignment -
when you (and your body) are ready, you will be there - cues for safe
alignment (so as not to damage knees, etc) can all be given verbally.

Please visit a chiropractor - and there are many styles of chiropractic too,
so ask around, get a recommendation if you have never gone, for a gentle one
or even one who uses an "actuator" instead of any physical manipulation.
Also, ice the pain. You can buy wraps at a drug store than you keep in the
freezer - I don't like cold, but found with a recent injury that it REALLY
made all the difference. Cold, then hot, then cold, I've heard.

Also, there is a Chinese tincture call "Dit da jaw" pronounced, roughly, dee
dah jowl, that you can hopefully purchase at a Chinese pharmacy or even a
Chinese grocery store if you ask them. It is like soy sauce, and you rub it
in until it dissolves then more, then once more. But do NOT wash your hands
to wet the area for 3-4 hours - it opens the pours to allow more blood flow
and healing and may retain water if you apply water. We make our own and it
always helps me, even with neck/shoulder pain.

Also, try lying on the floor on your back with your legs up on a chair,
knees bent 90 degrees (hard kitchen chair type) . this would be a good time
to be on a cold pack too. See if that helps just with relief.

And yes, aspirin or other pain reliever reduces swelling to again, reduce
pressure on the nerves and allow healing.

Back pain and I were very familiar for many years. Seek help before more
damage is done.

Sat Nam,



Life is what we make it. Always has been, always will be.

- Grandma Moses

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Subject: [Kundalini Yoga] I got hurt by a non-Kundalini yoga teacher

Altho Kundalini Yoga is the yoga of choice for me, and I am not looking for
any other, I like to try different ones when the opportunity presents. It
has always been a pleasant experience.
I was in this class for the first time, in baby-pose,[I think that is the
name - on the floor, chest on knees, arms out in front of you, relaxing] and
the teacher went around and asked if she "could assist". I normally do not
like a teacher to touch or correct me during class, but for some reason I
said ok.
She leaned her weight against my back and I felt such intense pain that I
screamed. Now 2 weeks later, I am still in pain. I hope I can get over this.
The pain is in my lower back, and just recently has spread to my mid-back,
and up to my right shoulder, and down my right leg.

Hurts all the time, not excrutiating pain, but pain that lets me know it is
there. Hurts more when I move. Hurts more if I am still for a long time too.

Yesterday I called the teacher and told her, and asked that she pay for me
to get some bodywork. She got very huffy, and immediately said I had signed
a disclaimer. Which I had, but AFTER the class, so it cannot be retroactive.
[I can't imagine why I signed it, perhaps I was in shock from the pain.]
Then she immediately got off the phone. I have a suspicion that this is not
the 1st complaint she has gotten, by her reaction.

Anyway, any advice for some movement that would ease the pain?

kartar kaur

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