Thursday, December 1, 2011

[Kundalini Yoga] I got hurt by a non-Kundalini yoga teacher


Altho Kundalini Yoga is the yoga of choice for me, and I am not looking for any other, I like to try different ones when the opportunity presents. It has always been a pleasant experience.
I was in this class for the first time, in baby-pose,[I think that is the name - on the floor, chest on knees, arms out in front of you, relaxing] and the teacher went around and asked if she "could assist". I normally do not like a teacher to touch or correct me during class, but for some reason I said ok.
She leaned her weight against my back and I felt such intense pain that I screamed. Now 2 weeks later, I am still in pain. I hope I can get over this. The pain is in my lower back, and just recently has spread to my mid-back, and up to my right shoulder, and down my right leg.

Hurts all the time, not excrutiating pain, but pain that lets me know it is there. Hurts more when I move. Hurts more if I am still for a long time too.

Yesterday I called the teacher and told her, and asked that she pay for me to get some bodywork. She got very huffy, and immediately said I had signed a disclaimer. Which I had, but AFTER the class, so it cannot be retroactive. [I can't imagine why I signed it, perhaps I was in shock from the pain.] Then she immediately got off the phone. I have a suspicion that this is not the 1st complaint she has gotten, by her reaction.

Anyway, any advice for some movement that would ease the pain?

kartar kaur

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