Friday, December 2, 2011

Re: [Kundalini Yoga] depression


Hi everybody my name is Sonia. Please could you tell me which are the
Kriyas and Meditation for " Cold Ddepression". Thank you so much . Sat Nam

2011/12/1 pamela <>

> **
> Sat Nam, Pisceswise,
> My farther just passed over and although he was 93 and I had "thought" I
> was
> all prepared, I guess I wasn't. Thank goodness for my Yoga. Believe me,
> the past few days I have NOT wanted to practice, but because I teach I HAVE
> to be there - and, as always, after the classes (some of which I also
> participate in) I feel MUCH better, and, of course, I'm back to my personal
> practice.
> My Yoga originally eliminated physical pain, but now it is also relieving
> mental and emotional pain and bringing me back into balance.
> But remember, one class is not the solution - a regular practice is needed,
> and continually. When I first started practicing to relieve my back pain I
> did a short 10 minute routine every morning - for years - pain relief in a
> few months, but still kept up for years just to be sure and because I found
> I LOVED Yoga ;}
> Yogi Bhajan had told us that we might start feeling what he called "Cold
> Depression" during the Aquarian Age. He gave us meditations and Kriyas to
> help with this - something we should practice every day for at least 40
> days
> - longer is better. You can, I believe, find info about this Cold
> Depression and some ways to help relieve it on-line, or email me offline at
> and I can direct you to some information.
> Sat Nam
> Arjinder Kaur (Pamela)
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> hello,
> You don't say if you are practicing kundalini yoga, but if you aren't, I
> suggest you either find a class in your area, or buy a dvd.
> I found kundalini yoga very helpful in dealing with depression. It may
> motivate you and make you feel more energetic and find your purpose in
> life.
> It does this for me.
> good luck to you. I know what it is like to be struggling as you are. you
> are not alone.
> regards,
> Kartar Kaur
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> > I am 57 and feel life has just passed my by. I am struggling financially.
> physically, and emotionally. I try not to be depressed but it seems so
> hard.
> I just need some advice, Thanks.
> >
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*sonia meziat*

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