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RE: [Kundalini Yoga] Re: can it done in nude


Sat Nam,


That’s a very interesting question and why do you think it would be necessary to do so?




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Is it done naked

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Sat Nam,
I stumbled across the Maya Fieness series "Mantras of Kundalini Yoga" on Amazon Prime as a free stream for prime members. It seems like the same as the 7 part DVD series - more or less a 30 minute kriya followed by a 15 or 20 minute mantra. I am currently doing the "Har" one from the wealth kriya.  It is similar to Guru Rattana's Taurus set with some modifications.  GRs set is better because it is the full class with explanation and so on.  MF's version skips the breath of fire with arms extended at the beginning and uses a different version of "Har" (the one where your pointer fingers meet then you draw a circle and your little finges meet).  But the MF video is perfect for when you need to fit a set within an hour time slot. Personally I really like doing kriyas with a video because I don't have to watch a clock. If you are an Amazon prime member check it out.  They have other hatha sets for free streaming also,

Tom Wallace

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