Thursday, March 13, 2014

[Kundalini Yoga] Re: Should a married woman dance with men other than her husband?


I am sure you can find authorities to back any side of this issue, but my immediate response is "Lighten up".

If you love your wife, you want her to be happy.  She is happy dancing.

These are strong words, but what you are experiencing isn't love, it is possessiveness.  Love is spiritual, possessiveness is ego.  

Since we all create the exact circumstances in our life we need for our specific growth, take a look at yourself.  What are you really afraid of when your wife dances with others?  

Is that thing you are afraid of more important then being your own best, most evolved self?

As with so many many things in life, the answer will be to be still, feel your feelings and release them.

Since this is a KY site, I'd suggest daily So Darshan Chakra Kriya to clear your subconscious and Kirtan Kriya to bring emotional balance.

Welcome the gift of growth!


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