Thursday, October 27, 2011

Re: [Kundalini Yoga] kundalini experiences


From: man7tra
Sent: Thursday, October 27, 2011 5:37 AM
Subject: [Kundalini Yoga] kundalini experiences

hi to everyone on the forum!

I thought I would post a message to see if anyone can shed light on something...

I have recently been experiencing mild shooting pains in my feet immediately followed by kundalini energy in my head... usually around the back of the skull and on top.

I think I must be a very lucky person as I have had over half a dozen Kundalini experiences in the last year where my body is taken over by an indescribable vibrating energy I have come to call my Shakti. This always occurs between 3 and 5 a.m. and when I am awake

This usually follows three loud fog horns which alert me that something's up! Although last week, for the first time. I saw an orange flamed symbol just before the "energy surge".

I have also had an out of body experience where (in short) I was taken up to space and, travelling at a million miles an hour surrounded by stars, saw a light the like of which I have never seen which came to have some symbols/sort of writing... I felt there was an intelligence behind it and that it was communicating.

when I came "back to my body", I just thought "wow, there was no fear" and "I think I just had a glimpse of God!"

Then I had to get up later and go to work as normal!

The other milestone that happened this year is in the middle of doing a 40 day kirtan kriya, I had a very powerful experience where I looked in the fridge and thought "I don't want to eat people any more! O my Gosh, I'm a vegetarian!" and that was that. I am a vegetarian... it was like an epiphany!

Anyway, like a lot of you, I am coming to see more and more the beauty of life and our effect on it through kundalini yoga and meditation and would really like to hear of any kundalini experiences you have had and if anyone can think of a connection between the feet and experiencing shakti around the crown chakra.

I personally feel that my vibrations may be changing, ready for the Aquarian age!

In the words of the Beatles...All you need is love ba,baba,ba!

Sat Nam Sarah xx

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