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Re: [Kundalini Yoga] Re: Kundalini Yoga for Strengthening the Aura


can you explain a yoga push up please
Love and light
Jasraj kaur
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this sounds great!So the motion is as if pushing away negative energy away from yourself while doing deep breathing?

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> My post right before yours mentioned this set- serendipity!
> I haven't heard a long-timer discuss what YB says are it's benefits, but since no one responded, I'll share what I've observed:
> 1. "Yoga push-ups"- A most excellent exercise that opens up, strengthens, and removes blockages in the whole neck and shoulder area in a way few other exercises do. It practically forces nourishment into your thyroid, pituitary, and pineal glands, as well as your complexion and brain as your circulation improves to this area. Good for your acline running from ear to ear. It is challenging if you need it (and who doesn't, especially us weak-armed women)but regular practice gives results that speak for themselves. On a more earthly note, this is the ultimate counteract-your-computer-hunch, anti-dowagers hump, and anti-batwings exercise, so you can feel good about wearing tank tops.
> 2. Pumping your arms in front- All arm exercises also exercise the heart. This one intensifies the protectiveness of your aura (and extra arcline if you're female) and stimulates your thymus. Makes you breath deeply and sweat. Pump that prana throughout your system!
> 3. Again, stimulates the heart and thymus, 'stirs things up' in your field. This one really tends to increase the size of your aura by increasing your awareness of your space. In Nirvair Singh's dvd series, he has you open your eyes and look between your hands as they come together a few inches apart in front of your chest to practice seeing your aura, but the books I have don't mention this.
> Can you tell I love the first one the most?

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