Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Re: [Kundalini Yoga] Allodinia


Sat Nam Gurubala
I very humbly offer these lines to your question.
To treat a symptom, specially one as allodinia, without involving the whole Self, is like giving cough medicine to treat a lung infection.  I am not going to enter into the whole pathophysiology and neuropsychology of pain so that I don't distract myself, or our readers, from the message I am trying to present here . Some of us may view Kundalini Yoga as an apothecary, and with good reasons, the results, expected and unexpected, for the teacher and for the student, are amazing.  But the healing is a consequence of the whole practice, the whole way of life, the diet, cold showers, attitude towards creation, the constant Simran, by thought/word/action, the state of the whole system as an incarnated soul.  We must not loose sight of what the purpose of Yoga is.  When we dwell in the realm of healing, or alleviating pain, we must ensure that it is not the healer who wants to heal.  Krishnamacharya used to say that with age, Pranayam has to become
the core of our life.  Pranayam, Pavan and the Pavan Guru. There awaits the answer!  Everything else will follow...Pavan, Pranee, Pavan Guru, the Shabd, the Shabd Guru...Healing!
There is a nice quote from Yogi Bhajan I like very much:
"Any move you make, you must pray because that ignites the power. Ignite your power and then go. Then let God take care of it."  
Adi Singh

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Sat Nam

Is anyone able to advise re practices to help with allodinia (result of sciatic nerve damage) & foot drop. I have looked through my texts & found nervous system meditations but am hoping to find something really specific. The person who I am working with is resistant to chanting but has been happily playing mantras at home & enjoying the energy created by them.

Love & light, Gurubala

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