Thursday, December 3, 2009

[Kundalini Yoga] Question: Kriya and Meditation and Drinking some Alcohol


Sat Nam everybody,
I have a question. I practice Kundalini Yoga every morning. And some times I drink some alcohol (not much, just normal), maybe a glass or two of beer or wine. When it happens I drink at night and then I practice Yoga but after sleeping the next morning.

So the question is: What is the recommendation of drinking Alcohol if I execute Kriyas and Meditations every morning. There is some indication or contraindication between Alcohol and Practicing Kundalini Yoga? and Why?

More specific :
-Not to drink alcohol at all,
-or is possible to drink but certain quantity,
-How many hours of separation should be between drinking and practicing?
-And if Alcohol must be avoided or separate from the practica I would like to know why: because KY will loose the effect, or the combination could be dangerous?
-Maybe the separation should be with some specianl Kriyas or Meditations or with all of them?

Drinking some time is a thing I enjoy with friends and I would not like to stop it forever. But If I have to stop because is bad in the organism to combine it with KY, or KY will not have effect, so I will stop it definitively. So please if you know about it I will appreciante your answer.

Thanks and Sat Nam,

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