Wednesday, April 29, 2015

[Kundalini Yoga] Re: Beginner of sorts


Doing practice on ones own does take commitment.  What works for me is finding videos that I like.  Some places to look - Guru Rattana's web page has a ton that include meditations.  If you have Amazon Prime, the Maya Finnees videos are there, both the journey through the chakras and the mantra series (which has a physical / pranayama section)  I like the video approach vs doing a set from memory because you can't rush through it.  Commit to a video and you will get an hour practice in.  You just have to start.

Find a daily commitment you can live with, for example 31 minutes of kirtan kriya, and then give yourself bonus points when you can do more.  The way I do it is I try to do the meditation in the dark of morning, but if the day gets away from me, I am not allowed to go to bed at night 'till I do my 31 minutes.  Find what works for you.

Going to Hatha classes can be good in addition (not instead)  of your meditation practice because you have group motivation plus you will find it easier to sit in mediation practice if you do hatha.   So maybe a hatha class once a week, a meditation when you get up in the morning and a DVD or online video if you can fit it in to the day..  As you get motivated you can get up a little earlier and fit in the meditation and KY video back to back every morning.

Be easy with yourself, but remember you feel better if you practice.  



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