Saturday, April 4, 2015

[Kundalini Yoga] Newbie question: Women, why clear your female arcline?


Sat nam, ladies (and gentlemen)! 

I have a query about meditations to clear the female arcline and to remove imprints from past lovers and relationships. I have recently started doing Kirtan Kriya daily for 31 minutes and it is very pleasant. And one of its many effects is the healing of the female arcline. I have tried to find more information on the internet but it is all the same: it says that Kirtan Kriya, Sodarshan Chakra Kriya, and Grace of God meditation all clears and heals the female arcline, so that previous lovers' imprints shall be removed. But, what does it do? I mean, it heals theses wounds, but does it remove the love and longing in the heart to these past (important) people? I am trying to wrap my head around it and would really want to hear from you [women] who have done it and what your experience was. Maybe it is only me who have a hard time of letting go of certain people, but I think it would be sad to let some people go. For instance, there is one man that I will always love with all my heart, he is now married and lives abroad and we have no contact at all and I never think of him. But the few times every two years I bump into him, it is quite visible for both of us that mutual feelings still exist. Would then these kriyas and meditations remove my emotions for him or how does it work? 

For instance, I have been hurt alot in the past by ex-lovers, but I have always learned about myself and grown as a woman from these experiences, how tough they might have been. It might be so that I have a hard time letting go, I always have some hope in my heart for some exes, even if we have an ocean between us, and even if several years have passed by. But cutting them out completely feels like cutting off a piece of myself. These few days of Kirtan Kriya have already removed the imprint of one recent man, since I now hardly think of him. But in a dream I met an old lover who didn't want to cut the emotional band between us. So my question is if not these emotional bands between men and women (and women and women!) still will fill a purpose in our life? I think I'm just trying to understand the "science" behind it: if it removes the love or just the sadness and longing related to the past relationships. 

Grateful for all thoughts, feelings, opinions, experiences, and so on.. :) 



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