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RE: [Kundalini Yoga] New Member, Looking to Learn about KY and Meditation


Sat Nam, I teach Kundalini Yoga in Rogers, AR. Some of the movement may ask that you look upward, to the 3rd eye, some may ask that you look down, some have not direction – and sometimes it is just "focus on the 3rd eye" with you attention, not, necessarily turning your closed eyes upward. And I always believe that if it is hurting, stop, rest (for a few minutes or a few weeks) and just do what you can – i.e. continue with the movement but w/o turning up your eyes. In time, you'll be able to do it longer w/o pain

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Thank you for responding! I do KY DVD's at home. I have also taken a KY class at a local yoga center.

I have another question- when we do the KY exercises we're told to look up and in at the 3rd eye the whole time we're doing the exercises. My eyes hurt after doing this for 3 days ( I mean practicing at home the KY DVD's 3 days in a row) and I'm a little worried that it will cause problems for my eyes and eye muscles. Do I have to look up and in at my 3rd eye point during the exercises? Can I just close my eyes and do the exercises? I don't want to hurt my eyes and get cross-eyed eventually from doing this drishti on the 3rd eye lol.

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