Monday, June 30, 2014

[Kundalini Yoga] Too Much Energy (Too Hyped Up) After Doing KY


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After doing Kundalini yoga and KY meditations I usually feel like a big wave of energy is going through my body, and it lasts for at least a day. Usually it feels like my heart's beating fast, like I feel overwhelmed with too much energy, almost to where I feel my hands shaking. It feels like a huge surge in energy. This can be overwhelming feeling and not a welcoming feeling, because I don't like feeling too much energy in my body. I wil cut down doing KY for every other day, or maybe less. I know certain KY meditations are meant to increase your energy. Last night, I tried doing a few KY meditations I saw on and now I again feel too energized.

My question- Is this energy surge (after doing KY) normal, and should I cut down on doing KY? It's not a comfortable energy surge; it's way too much energy. I don't drink coffee b/c I can't handle caffeine. I was trying to do it every day. Right now, for example, my hands are shaking a little bit as I type. Are there techniques or things I can do to lower this uncomfortable energy surge I usually get after doing KY?

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