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Re: [Kundalini Yoga] New Member, Looking to Learn about KY and Meditation


Dear Shana,

Sat Nam!  Welcome!

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I'm a new member from Florida. I have social anxiety disorder, general anxiety, and depression, and my psychologist recommended that I attend a KY class to help with these emotional problems.  I just went to a local KY class today. It involved a lot of heavy breathing and I became dizzy,

Breath of fire is done very lightly through the nose.

and I had to slow the pace down or rest during some of the techniques.

Adapt to what works for you.

But I did smile a few times, when the teacher played a song and we danced, which is something I rarely do. The teacher said KY should not be taken seriously!

I would like to learn about KY techniques or meditations that I can do at home.

Guru Rattana streaming videos are for you.  You can subscribe on for less thatn $8 a month for as many classes as you wish to watch. I explain all the details you are looking for.

I read through a few of the online lessons (I know I should be going slower through the classes). So far, I've been trying to meditate on my own (either by watching my breath or by just being silent). I'm not sure what I'm doing with meditation.

Get my book THE POWER OF NEUTRAL also available on

The online class recommends that the student should at least to try silent meditation on it's own for 40 days straight,

That is way too long. Get started with the practices.

then move on in the class.

I've been doing the silent meditation for 3 days, but it's hard to stay with, because I don't know what I'm supposed to be doing,

* The Power of Neutral will tell you whatt to do.

 and I don't see the benefit in just sitting in silent meditation for 5 minutes each day.

* You will later and will be able to monitor your progress.

Sometimes I watch my breath (which always gets me lightheaded) and sometimes I just remain silent.

I would like to move onto the "Tuning In" mantra. I don't want to do it wrong, though.

Move on!


Guru Rattana :+)

Thank You,



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