Saturday, December 1, 2012

[Kundalini Yoga] Transitioning


How does one transition from wearing one's hair down to eventually having a turban?

Being energy sensitive, if I use a metal bobby pin to hold my bun it affects my brain.

I tried an elastic and it felt like in my throat I was being strangled.

I chopped down a chinese wooden chopstick and have been using that, however it sticks out and can catch when I want to wear a scarf over my head.

When I wear just a scarf like the Eastern Indians, I feel the energy of my brain and attention come closer to me and I do not feel so psychically vulnerable and I feel humble.

Wearing a scarf doing taoist tai chi, however, does not work well because its movement is distracting and when the movements have me 'bend' over the scarf slides out of place.

Is there some kind of intermediary head band that can be used for the pressure point meridians I understand the full turban is supposed to pressing on or something?

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