Sunday, March 6, 2016

Re: [Kundalini Yoga] Dizzy spells... what to do?


Sat Nam , This happens to me off and I . It can be related to sinus. There are specific movements to do for vertigo. You can google them. Have her do these. It took me 2 weeks or more to recover. Also sleep as much as she can. Do not fight the vertigo. Relax and lay low and do the movements designed for Vertigo. Sat Nam Raj Kirin 

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Sat Nam!

A friend of mine just told me that she suffers from dizzy spells (vertigo)
ever since she attended a Yoga lesson (not Kundalini), about 90 days ago
(immediately after the Yoga lesson).

A little relief arrived after she visited a otolaryngologist and now she's
working with an ostopath, but the dizzy spells don't stop.

Is there something able to help her to move towards a solutions of this
important problem (anxiety and panic are side effects since she's not able
to live a normal life now)?

Simple meditations, easy exercises, mantra.... every suggestion is more
than welcome.

Thank you in advance!

Sujan S.


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