Saturday, February 27, 2016

[Kundalini Yoga] starting Kundalini Yoga process again.


Sat Naaaam!

Last Oct I had completed 6 months of practically daily practice. 

One day I felt sad and so I stopped.

This was faulty reasoning. I was thinking: "why should I practice yoga if I am going to be sad?"

why it is faulty reasoning:

we do not practice in order to not be sad.

we practice in order to practice.

Now I know that. And how I got started again -

I was taking a mindfulness meditation class. One exercise is called 'body scan'. you put your attention on your feet, then your ankles, so on up to your body. just place attention, notice. 'what do you feel?'

well.. I felt nothing! anywhere.

It was very upsetting. I felt like all this time I have been carrying a dead body around with me. My head is alive but my body is dead. 

So - two days after, I re-started my Kundalini Practice -

guess what?

My body is singing. Yes, Kundalini Yoga makes my body sing.

(if you are wondering what it sings, it is something by James Brown, lol)

And it is hard to be depressed when the body is singing.

regards to all.


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