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[Kundalini Yoga] Re: Cleaning and Caring for HAND-SELECTED GONG


Sat Nam ji, I'm into supporting the local vendor on just about any product even if it is a little bit more, but a gong or a singing bowl is very personal. These are handmade and they naturally vary from piece to piece. Most gongs will end up in the hands of a rock band or an orchestra or a marching band. They are played for a few seconds and then that's it. DONE! Almost any gong can do that. 
The gong that a sound worker or Yogi wants has got to have longer sustain, harmonics you can feel and that overtones should make you go 'wow!'.
   One can always get 'lucky' by simply ordering online or off a shelf somewhere. One can get very unlucky, as well. A gong can be ringy or the 'tight' or simply not exciting.

Hand-Selection is best. That's what we do. The small added expense of $60 (the usual fee) is well worth it, when you consider how much you're spending.

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On Dec 23, 2014, at 12:29 PM, Sham Das wrote:

Sat Nam, Dharam!

Thank you very much for this helpful information.  I apologize for taking so long to reply - I'm busy running a business, and today is finally a time to catch-up on personal stuff.

You're absolutely right - WHY didn't we get a gong through you.  I guess I thought the shipping would be expensive from New York.  Just assumptions.

If you hand-select gongs, does that mean some Paiste gongs are inferior in some way?  I hope the one we got is a good one.  We bought it from a Local retailer.  But I have heard that quality control went downhill for a time, with increased demand.  Just rumors perhaps.

I am receiving your posts on FB and am looking forward to sitting down and watching some of the recent videos posted.

Thanks again for your time Dharam.

Happy Holidays!


On Dec 3, 2014, at 5:50 PM, dharam <dharam@gongsongs.com> wrote:

Sat Nam Sham Sunder,
    Hari Singh is speaking of his limited experience with a particular gong that he completely let go, and then finally cleaned. Of course it sounded better.
Once a year is plenty, if even that, if you keep it clean.
Question: why didn't you get your gong through Gong Songs? We hand select from the largest retail stock in the world - this not a joke!


Don't over-clean your gong! Once a year is plenty as long as you are not exposing it to all kinds of filth. What I would recommend for folks living near the ocean (airborne salt) is to wash it every couple of months, maybe, with a light soapy solution. DON"T NOT SCRUB! Rinse off thoroughly and then towel dry. Any clean cotton towel is fine. If you don't towel dry there will be water spots.

For the yearly cleaning, and this is may not be necessary, use either of the below procedures:

Goddard's Silver Polish is a great one step maintenance approach. If that doesn't get you the stellar results you'd like it probably because the surface may be forever etched by the acids that are in skin oils (DON'T LET ANYONE TOUCH YOUR GONG WITH BARE HANDS!) 


This level of cleaning is only advisable once you have tried simply water, and then tried water and mild soap. Always towel dry and NEVER SCRUB! Light pressure only.

here's what you need.....

Paiste Cymbal/Gong Cleaner

Paiste Cymbal/Gong Polish

Precise Instructions at http://www.paiste.com/e/support_usagecare.php?menuid=318

Cleaning a Gong with the Paiste
Cymbal Cleaner & Protector

First lay the
Gong on a table covered with a smooth carpet or cloth surface. Next wet the Gong with water and also wet a cotton cloth with water. Squirt a few drops of Paiste Cymbal Cleaner onto the cloth (not onto the Gong directly) and make sure the cleaner is well watered-down. With the cloth, gently wipe the Gong in the direction of the lathing grooves until you see dirt being removed from the surface. Do not rub at all! As soon as you see dirt or grime on the rag, stop the cleaning process. Rinse off the Gong with a different wet cloth until the cleaner is completely removed. You can also rinse the Gong directly under running luke warm water instead. When the cleaner is completely removed, use a new dry cloth and gently wipe around the Gong until it's completely dry. Again, never rub! After completing the cleaning instructions, pour a small portion of Paiste Cymbal Protector on a clean dry cloth and gently wipe along the grooves of the Gong. The protector serves as a temporary coating and prevents the bronze surface from oxidizing. Your newly cleaned and protected cymbals will be worth the effort!

Caution, used this ONLY on Paiste Gongs and cymbals.

Vibrational Blessings,

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